Job Seeker VISA Guidelines

Sep 27, 2019(3) FAQs

Is Job-seeker visa a good option to move to Germany?

If you can secure a job while you are in your home country, that would be the ideal way to move to Germany. But if not, then Job-seeker visa could be a fallback option, because there are a lot of companies who are willing to hire local candidates who have already moved to Germany, so that they don't have to care about the relocation, visa sponsorship and most importantly they don't have to wait for a couple of months for the above process to complete.

What if I don't get a job after moving to Germany on the job-seeker visa?

Honestly, 6 months is a long time to find a job in big cities like Berlin where there are a lot of startups, specially if you are in IT/Software industry. But, for other industries or other roles which involves a lot of communication, some level of German knowledge would help before moving ( Ideally B1 or more )

Can I extend the Job-seeker visa beyond 6 months?

In some cases, yes. If you can explain to the Auslanderbehorde (foreigner's office) why you need to extend your job-seeker visa, they can provide you an extension if the reason is valid. For example, if you are in touch with a company and done with all the interview round, but still waiting for the offer letter. In such a case, you can talk to to the Auslanderbehorde in your city showing them proofs of email communication, and if they are convinced they might issue you an extension of your current visa (maybe a 3 months extension)

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