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Is there any insurance I should have before entering Germany?

As mentioned in the National Visa Faqs , you need to buy a travel health insurance before submitting of passport for visa stamping.

Apart from health insurance, are there any other insurances which are mandatory to have?

Nothing is mandatory apart from healh insurance. However, we would recommend you to take Personal Liability Insurance when you land in Germany. This would save you a lot of money in case you get in some trouble like loosing the apartment keys, causing damage to rented property etc.

Also, if you are married, ideally you should choose such plans that your spouse and kids are also included. You can compare and buy liability insurance from here

Is Home Content Insurance different from Personal Liability Insurance?

Yes, liability insurance does not include stuffs like Bed, Mattress, Sofa in your apartment, and in case you cause damage to them, it will not be covered. For getting all this covered, you can ask your Liability Insurance provider to include the Home Content Insurance as well, which will have some additional premium per month.

Also, it would make sense to have home content insurance specially when you are living in a furnished temporary apartment, as you do not own any of the furniture.

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