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Sep 27, 2019(10) FAQs

How do I book an appointment for National Visa?

Visa appointment can be booked online for all the consulate except Mumbai consulate. For Mumbai consulate, the only way to book an appointment is through calling the VFS Mumbai helpline number.

I do not find any open appointment slots for the next two months. What should I do?

Almost all the applicants apart from a few lucky ones will face this situation as there is always a waiting time for more than a month ( sometimes a couple of months ) for getting appointment slot. In such a case, what we would suggest is to grab the appointment slot you are getting initially even if its two months down the line.

Then, prepare all your documents ( except for the Demand Draft ) and keep them ready. Now, you can keep calling/checking online multiple times a day for any cancelled slots. For VFS Mumbai, you can call VFS in the morning at 8:00 AM. And for other consulates, the best time to check online is between 3:30 AM — 4:30 AM IST ( this changes when daylight saving ends in Germany ) for cancelled slots. If you are lucky, you might get the slot for the very next day.

Should I fill the visa application form online or manually by pen?

Since you need to submit two identical application set to the consulate, we would recommend filling the form online ( it’s an editable pdf ), and then take two printouts. This way, there are fewer chances of making a mistake.

What are the visa fees?

You can find the latest visa fees in the German consulate's official website . Since the EUR/INR exchange rate keeps changing, the visa fees can change accordingly. It is advisable to prepare the Demand Draft couple of days before your interview date after checking on the above link.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Do not make the conversion from EUR TO INR yourself. Always follow the INR rate which is mentioned in the above link.

Can I submit DD from ICICI/HDFC bank?

Yes, you can. The visa checklist says that DD should be from a nationalized bank only, which creates confusion and people think that DD can be issued by banks like SBI, Union Bank only which is not true.

From where can I buy travel health insurance?

We would recommend buying it from Policy Bazaar as you can compare various insurance providers ( check which ones are supported from here ) and select the best. Note that the duration should be 180 days and minimum cover 50k USD.

I took health insurance for 1 or 3 months, but the visa approval mail says that it should be for 6 months. Will it create any problem in stamping?

If they say 6 months, take for 6 months only :) Your visa stamping might get delayed ( as they might ask later for submitting 6 months insurance ) if you submit insurance of less duration.

Is there any way to find the status of my visa application?

Unfortunately, No. 😓 If you call VFS, they will say that application is pending with the consulate. And if you call the consulate ( if your call gets connected ), then they will either ask you to wait for the update through e-mail, or they will say that application is pending with the foreigner's office in Germany. So the only option left for you is to wait for the email from the consulate.

I got an email from consulate saying “Your application has been decided upon. Please collect your passport”. What does this mean?

In 95% of the cases, this means that your visa has been stamped on the passport. Congrats! 🇩🇪

How long will it take to get the visa approval?

Honestly, nobody can answer this question. It depends on case to case basis, some get in within a week and for some it might take couple of months. However, if you are going to travel together, the consulate will try to approve the visa maybe couple of weeks before the intended travel date. But, in case when the main applicant is already in Germany, it will take more time as verification is done in the local Rathaus as well.

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