Family Reunion VISA Guidelines

Sep 27, 2019(4) FAQs

Is there any difference between Dependent and Family-Reunion visa?

This is the most common question that comes to people’s mind before booking an appointment slot because there has been lots of blogs posts / forums which mentions Dependent Visa. However, If you see the Visa Application form , you will find that for purpose of stay, there will be only Family Reunion category, and no option as such for Dependent. So irrespective of whether the main applicant is in Germany or still in India, the above point holds true.

How can I provide proof of accommodation / payslips for dependent visa interview if we are travelling together ?

This is not required when the main applicant has not moved to Germany. Only signed work contract is sufficient. In the application form, in the address section, you can write the Germany’s office address.

Note — This varies from case to case on the consulate or the visa officer who is working on your application. Few applicants have been asked for proof of accommodation or a letter from the employer that accommodation will be taken care of when the applicant moves to Germany.

Do I need to take the document verification Demand Draft along with the visa fees Demand Draft?

The document checklist for the family reunion visa says that Demand Draft for document verification is also needed, but this is not the case. There is no need to take the verification fees Demand Draft in your first appointment. Marriage verification does not happen for everyone. If the consulate thinks that they need to verify the marriage, they will ask via email later for submitting the Demand Draft. However, to be safe you can carry some extra cash or your card just in case if they ask for it and allow to pay on spot.

If there any way to avoid marriage verification?

If the consulate thinks that they need to verify it, and you get an email asking for the Demand Draft, nothing can be done at this stage. But, before your first interview, we would recommend getting your marriage certificate Apostiled to strengthen your application. For this, you can contact any local agent in your city. Secondly, Mumbai consulate mentions that you should carry your wedding album on the day of interview. We would recommend taking it for other consulates as well, in case they ask. This shows that your marriage rituals were actually performed.

Having said that, it all depends on the Visa officer or the consulate

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