Employment VISA Guidelines

Sep 27, 2019(3) FAQs

Do I need to show proof of accommodation for employment visa application?

For an employment visa, no proof of accommodation is required at any stage. You can just mention your office address in the application form.

Note — This varies from case to case on the consulate or the visa officer who is working on your application. Few applicants have been asked for proof of accommodation or a letter from the employer that accommodation will be taken care of when the applicant moves to Germany.

I have all the documents ready except Deputation order from my current employer as I have not put my paper. What should I do in this case?

Deputation order is only required if you are moving within the same company to Germany. For a new offer, only the work contract is sufficient.

How can I submit the experience letter from the current company if I have not resigned? As I see in the visa checklist, I need to provide "Proof of qualification"

Generaly proof of qualification means your degree certificate which is mandatory for Employment visa. They generaly do not ask for experience letters from each of the organizations you have worked for. But, to be safe we would recommend to carry all the experience letters you have with you, and also take the offer letter & payslips from the current organization you are working with currently.

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