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Sep 27, 2019(10) FAQs

What are the best portals to search for an apartment?

There is no such thing as a best portal to look for an apartment. The advice we generally give to people is to find everywhere you can. However, some popular websites that we can suggest are

Where can I find fully-furnished apartments for short-term?

In all the above listed portals, you can find short-term rentals, but the number of such apartments will be less than the long-term ones. If you are only looking for short-term rentals ( ~ 6 months to 1 year ) then you can check in the below websites -

Can I get a permanent/unlimited contract if I am coming from abroad?

Unfortunately no, because for permanent/unlimited contracts you need to show payslip of last 3 months, and also you need a credit score certificate ( Its provided by SCHUFA )

For how long I can stay in a temporary apartment with short-term contract?

Generally short-term rentals allow you to stay for 6 months to a year. However, if the agency or landlord allows, then you can extend your contract further as well.

Should I pay rent or deposit in advance without viewing the apartment?

This is a very debatable question as there are a lot of rental scams happening in Berlin these days. So our short answer would be - Never transfer anything in advance without viewing the apartment, unless it is provided by some trusted agency. If you have your doubts whether to trust any landlord or agency, feel free to Contact Us and we will help you to find the authenticity based on our experience.

How much rent should I pay?

Our friends at Immobilientscout24 have published a really good map of Berlin as shown below, with the average rent. This can provide a rough idea of rents based on the area where the apartment is located.

Berlin Map Immoscout

Note - Rents are increasing day by day, and this image is just for giving a rough idea about comparing the rents in different areas.

What are some good areas to stay?

As for the districts, Kreuzberg and everything around it is the most popular zone (Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, Tiergarten, Mitte, Tempelhof, Schöneberg, Charlottenburg, and Wilmersdorf). Though the crime rate is low for Berlin, regardless district, the least popular districts are located on the east (Wedding, Neukölln, Lichtenberg, Pankow, Treptow, Marzahn, and Spandau, even though it's in the west part of Berlin).

Among popular districts, Tiergarten, Mitte, Charlottenburg, and Wilmersdorf are relatively quiet but still can offer a lot of places to eat and to hang out. Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg are the districts with the lively nightlife.

There are also Zehlendorf and Steglitz which are really nice districts, but a bit boring, compared to Kreuzberg, especially Zehlendorf which is really green and quiet, but best suited for families and old people.

I am not finding appointments for Anmeldung for the next two months. What should I do?

This is very normal as the Anmeldung appointments are always reserved for the current month and maybe more. The best would be to check the page early in the morning, or keep checking it throughout the day.

Can I directly walk-in to any Burgeramt for Anmeldung?

Not all Burgeramts will allow direct walk-in, but some of them mention on their page that "Appointments can be arranged on-site". For example, Bürgeramt Schöneberg

Can I write any script to automate the Anmeldung appointment booking?

If you open the browser console on the appointments page, this is what you will see ;)

Browser Console Appointments pageSo, writing a script might not work as they have already put up measures to avoid this But, still you can try. Let us know if it works for you :)

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