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Is there any difference between Dependent and Family-Reunion visa?
This is the most common question that comes to people’s mind before booking an appointment slot because there has been lots of blogs posts / forums which mentions Dependent Visa. However, If you see… Read more here »
Do I need to take the document verification Demand Draft along with the visa fees Demand Draft?
The document checklist for the family reunion visa says that Demand Draft for document verification is also needed, but this is not the case. There is no need to take the verification fees Demand… Read more here »
If there any way to avoid marriage verification?
If the consulate thinks that they need to verify it, and you get an email asking for the Demand Draft, nothing can be done at this stage. But, before your first interview, we would recommend getting… Read more here »
I do not find any open appointment slots for the next two months. What should I do?
Almost all the applicants apart from a few lucky ones will face this situation as there is always a waiting time for more than a month ( sometimes a couple of months ) for getting appointment slot. In… Read more here »
What are the visa fees?
You can find the latest visa fees in the German consulate's official website . Since the EUR/INR exchange rate keeps changing, the visa fees can change accordingly. It is advisable to prepare the… Read more here »

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